Why GoDivingNow?

1. Small Time Investment

We realize that time is a precious commodity. As such, we are the ONLY organization in Atlanta that ALWAYS teaches diving in one single weekend. Traditional dive shops typically run classes over multiple sessions requiring large time commitments because their classes are large and there has to be enough time for everyone else in your class.

2. Semi-Private Classes

We limit our Open Water classes to 4 students per instructor! This means you get lots of one-on-one time with your instructor, and you never have to wait long for other students to complete their skills. This saves you time and makes it possible for us to deliver high quality diving instruction with a minimal time investment. In the end, you still receive more actual instructor time than a traditional multi-session approach delivered by local dive shops.

3. All-Inclusive Pricing

Our pricing includes EVERYTHING. There are no hidden fees whatsoever (okay, you are on your own as far as food and gas money is concerned). Even hotel rooms, books, a complete set of rental gear are included (this includes mask, fins, snorkel, weight-belt, and weights).

4. No Forced Gear Purchases

Traditional dive shops have to sell you gear. They supplement their instructional fees by selling you high margin items. We believe that students should use our rental equipment, fitted by our instructors for comfort and fit not mark-up. As part of the rental gear set, we even supply a high quality mask, fins, snorkel, weight-belt, and weights. We believe that once students have completed the course, they have a much better understand of what gear is right for them and therefore can make more educated purchasing decisions. We do not sell gear, but we will gladly help you select gear and/or suggest quality dive shops in your area.

5. Competitive Prices

We challenge you to compare our prices carefully. Our course fees are all-inclusive. Some shops might advertise teaser rates which do not include books, certification fees, required gear purchases, Open Water checkout trips, etc. We are confident that after adding up all of the fees, you will find that the modest premium (if any) you may pay with GoDivingNow justifies the personal attention and small class size -- not to mention the time you save by getting certified in a single weekend.

6. Personalized Attention

GoDivingNow is not a traditional dive shop. We specialize in delivering high quality, custom courses to small groups of people in a flexible and unique fashion. Our instructors are available for your questions even after traditional dive shops have already closed up for the night. Try us, call us late. We are in business to build relationships not sell you instruction, gear, a trip or two and then move on to the next person.

7. Experienced SAFE Instructors

When it comes to diving, the instructor makes the difference. Nothing is more important than the person who delivers the course. We recommend that you speak to your instructor before signing up for the course. All of our instructors are experienced and conservative professionals.


Our instructors are experienced PADI professionals who enjoy teaching SCUBA diving. Diving is our passion, and we are very enthusiastic about it. This means we are all about having fun.
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