Customer Feedback

The instructors at GDN are passionate about scuba instruction. They run a top notch business with all of the scuba and safety equipment you will need. They did an excellent job integrating their knowledge and experiences with the course content and activities. The time spent with our GDN instructor was invaluable as we progressed our diving career path. We were constantly learning new information and techniques, whether our tanks were on or off.

-Dave S.


Thank you for the excellent instruction that you and Tim gave both Kelly and myself. I really enjoyed it and look forward to diving in the near future. I will be sure to send anyone I can to you for classes.

-Kirk B.


Thank you for the great weekend! Kirk is already wanting to take a Nitrox class. [...] it was a blast. It was nice meeting all of you and hope to dive with you all again soon!

-Kelly L.


...after seeing a couple of different instructors both days [diving in the Florida Keys] with their classes, your attention to detail and instruction methods are the best. They naturally hit all the basics, but I did not feel the attention to detail and making corrections in procedures was as good as yours. I am extremely proud of my techniques and abilities which is a direct reflection to your teaching!!!! If you ever need a verbal reference, feel free to give my number to any of your perspectives. I will be following up with my next class with you...tks

-Bill C.


I want to thank you very much for your patience and constant encouragement.
You are a great instructor and it was apparent that you thoroughly enjoy diving and instructing. Something I don't think was readily apparent in the other instructors I observed this weekend. Thanks again

-Angela R.


Lynn, Thank You! You were the best instructor ever! I've been telling all my friends how great the experience was and how great you were. I am now ready to get back in the water!

-Ashley R.


Thank you so much for a great time during my Open Water Certification.  The course was fantastic...!  You level of instruction was second to none.  The fact that you kept the class size small (only 3), made it extremely thorough.  [Ö] I recommend your course to any individual that is serious about learning to dive.  I will see you at the Advanced Open Water class in a couple weeks.

-Rob G.


Thanks for taking such good care of Rob (and others) throughout the training, Lynn, you sure gave them an awesome jump start into a lifetime of recreational diving--the right way.

-Craig B.


Thanks for a great weekend of diving! We really enjoyed your personality and your company in addition to your expertise.



Had a blast! Thanks for making scuba fun! I particularily liked the part when we got to play with cartwheels, spin on our heads and check out that old car! You were a great teacher (even if you made me take off my mask a zillion times)! I haven't stopped talking at work about the whole experience.

-Samantha C.


Hey man, I appreciate your great instruction and guidance. I learned a lot this weekend and I am glad I had a great crew to do it with.  Lynn your skills and dedication to certifying great and safe divers makes you an excellent instructor and facility to certify with. Itís clear you and [your Divemaster] know your stuff.

-Greg J.


Thanks for everything!  Tom was so excited when he got home last night, extremely tired but excited.  He said he feels like he's accomplished something big.

-Jan H.


Thanks so much!  I had a great time this weekend!

-John R.


Thank you.  I had a great time, but more importantly I learned a lot.  Iím sincerely impressed with the quality of classes [GoDivingnow] puts together and your commitment to ensuring the students have a safe, fun, and educational experience.  I would recommend you two to anyone.

-Kirk W.


Thank you for your time and energy this past weekend as my dive instructor. I had a great time, and I am happy that I took the class with someone that really cares about what theyíre teaching and their students.

-Christie L.


Tom and I had an awesome time.  We both learned a great deal and appreciated your patience throughout the course.  The personal attention helped our comfort level and confidence tremendously.

I would highly recommend Lynn as an instructor.  He is well prepared and thorough during the training dives and allows you to move at a pace that compliments your skill set.

-Jon H.


Thank you for a wonderful trip this past weekend.  Jon and I both learned a lot and really appreciate the time and attention you devoted to making our certification an incredible experience.  I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know of who wants to learn to dive and I will stay in touch.

-Tom H.


I'd like to stress the 2:1 student:instructor ratio during the class I was with. The equipment [was] good.  [You] took it easy on the students that had a hard time doing some of the tests by taking them aside and walking them through it.  VERY PATIENT TEACHER.

-Bernie S.


My instructor, Lynn Mettler with GoDivingNow, was very thorough and ensured that each skill was repeated until completed in a satisfactory manner. He made the certification process both challenging and rewarding and I will recommend him in the future.

-Anonymous PADI Survey Result


I had a fantastic time... I can't wait to get back in the water...!  In my pursuit of excellence, I appreciate your great instruction and patience.  I am ready for more.

-Rob G.